Cybercrime can be about taking down a website, steal someone’s identity or taking control of network.  There are many types of crime categorized as cybercrime.

The easiest target is not IT infrastructure, but people.  According to reports, 99% of attacks are aimed at people like us.

We have a case ongoing whereby an officer being detained by police in Kaohsiung, Taiwan until he is able to establish his innocence due to his negligence while disposing  his old SIM-Mobile Phone Card that he bought years ago using his ID card. Apparently, someone picked up the used SIM Card and committed fraud with it. The officer has been detained over a month when this article is written.

Cybercrime is real, keep your SIM Card carefully, and only dispose after it is properly destroyed so that no one can use it anymore.


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  • The Guidelines on Cyber Security onboard ships (OCIMF)
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