What Happened?

To rectify low insulation on 100V AC on main switch board, engineers have tried to switch the cargo control power system on/off numerous times.  Such frequent On/Off switching process caused electrical current surge to all cargo tanks level gauges electronic control system hence damaging the power control circuit  causing system black out.  Subsequent consequential, vessel was delayed and extra costs were incurred to rectify the problem.

The investigation found that there was no proper planning and briefing before the job carried out.  There was no tool-box talk before test insulation.

Whenever crew found problem to any electrical cargo control system, the following procedure must be carried out:

  1. Report a defect
  2. Plan the job, discuss safety & process
  3. Brief staff, engage tool-box talks & refer maker instruction manual
  4. Implement Competency matrix for equipment trouble shooting /maintenance
  5. Review the exiting frequency of annual servicing for its adequacy
  6. If any doubt, please contact office for assistance.


Reference: Code of Safe working practice for Merchant Seaman Chapter 20.