SOLAS V/R.27 requires navigational charts (Paper & Electronic) are current and maintained up to date. The navigating officer shall correct Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) & paper charts with latest NTM / navigational warning from all available sources to ensure safe navigation, protection of enviroment and avoidance of loss of life.

Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)

For safe navigation using ECDIS, below SOP MUST be followed by crews:

  • Ensure all ENC/paper charts and nautical publications are updated weekly diligently.
  • Review ENC/paper charts before executing passage plan.
  • Ensure that Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) menu is always “ON” and check during passage execution of any new danger.
  • Collect & apply latest navigational warnings from all available source including NAVTEX, EGC and local agent well before approaching port.

Be vigilant and report chart inconsistencies found to UKHO (Refer NP 231 Page vii) and office.

It was expected that Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) issued weekly worldwide highlighting any significant changes.  However, we found out that NOT ALL ENC are updated. For example there were two cases that we experienced during sea passage in Indonesian Waters. In these two cases, AIO did not show any such changes.

On Master’s enquiry for navigational warning prior approaching port, the agent provided local port paper chart. Review of paper chart found dangerous shoals, passage was amended and a hazardous incident was avoided by Master’s prudence.

It was found that below ENC charts were not updated:

  1. ENC ID300060, ID4413KK (Selat Bangka): no overlay features, and
  2. ENC ID300511 (Tg. Bakau): Minimum depth shown on ENC chart was 20 meter, whereas actual fact six (6) dangerous shoals with minimum depth of 5.3 meter was shown on paper chart.

Such features were not in AIO menu though all ENC charts were licensed and updated to the latest weekly NTM from UKHO. The local authority did not update these charts, which is their obligation to provide them to UKHO.

In view of the above findings, in addition the above general SOP, below additional SOP must be followed for those areas with un-updated ENC, such as entering Indonesian waters:

Additional SOP for passing through/entering Indonesian waters:

All ships entering Indonesian waters MUST have port approaching paper charts, despite having ENC as Primary.

Where ENC charts fails to provide basic information of bottom topography to the navigators, the consequences could be:

  • Grounding of a vessel
  • Spillage of bunker and/or cargoes.
  • Coastal area, fisheries affected
  • Port blocked
  • Fire/explosion on a tanker & possible loss of life & property
  • Environmental disaster and so on.

We would like to extend our request to all maritime authorities to pay extreme attention for chart updates by Coastal Authority & UKHO.


  • NP 231 Chapter 6
  • NP 232 Voyage Planning
  • ECDIS Passage Planning (WHITERBY) Section 1

SMS S-0501W( E )

Note: Above matters were reported to UKHO and also shared with all ships with lessons learnt & SOP action.